Thursday, December 31, 2009

Holiday Advent Calendar & Countdown Paper Chain

This fall James and I had a blast making this Holiday Advent Calendar and Countdown to Christmas Paper Chain. I used my Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter to cut out the shapes from cardstock, then James colored behind some of the windows of the Advent Calendar and I put tiny special pictures behind the others. James helped me tape the paper chains together. These were fun and easy crafts to do with my 5 year old!

A Backpack for my Kindergartner

When my oldest son started kindergarten this year, I had a great idea- I'd keep only his most special school projects and papers stored in his backpack each school year. This should hopefully limit the amount of stuff I keep and it will all be neatly stored inside the backpack. being a very sentimental 1st year of school, I decided to make his backpack. This was a difficult project and I doubt I will ever make another one! The backpack turned out great and has held up well so far (only a few minor repairs). Where else would I find a space-themed backpack with his initial on it?

Embellished Onsies

For the Wells Twins

I LOVE embellishing little onsies and t-shirts for babies and kids I know! I have an amazing tool that helps me with the shapes I need to cut out- the Silhouette Digital Craft Cutter by Quickutz. I choose the fun fabrics, iron on Heat-n-Bond Lite and use the pen attachments for the Silhouette to trace the shape I want. I then just cut the shapes out and applique them on the onsies. The designs are really unlimited and I think these are the MOST fun to make!
$15 for an embellished onsie- the designs are really unlimited and I LOVE doing monograms!

Re-Usable Snack Baggies

In an attempt to be a little more eco-friendly in my day-to-day life, I whipped up a few really cute little re-usable snack bags to pack my kids' lunch and snacks in when we're out and about. I loved making these in a variety of bright colors and different sizes. With a Velcro closure and lined in vinyl, they are super easy to wash and re-use too!
If you want to sew up some of your own snack baggies, check out the tutorial I wrote for Community Seeds Eco Magazine in the Fall 2009 issue on pgs. 56-57.
If you don't want to make your own, I can make you some. $10 for a set of two baggies.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Coordinated Jammies

I LOVE making p.j. pants and matching tops for my kids! I just can't get enough of these snuggly sets!
See the tutorial I wrote in the Winter 2009 issue of Community Seeds Eco Magazine for instructions on how to make your own jammie pants with no pattern. Pg. 40-41
P.J. pants with coordinating top- $25

Bookmark with Eyeglass Case

This fun project was inspired by my mom, who loves to read, but often can't find her reading glasses! Now that I made her this great bookmark with attached eyeglass case, she'll be able to safely keep both her book and glasses together all the time!

If you want this hand item for yourself, it will cost you $12.

Custom Dog Collar

I learned that it is very fun to make custom collars for puppy dogs! The strapping comes in a variety of colors and I can find lots of fun ribbon designs to match. I can also craft up a custom tag for the doggy to wear with name and phone number.

If you want me to make one for your puppy, here's what it will cost:
Dog collar- $13

Dog tag with name and number- $7

The Six-Pocket Purse

I love this purse pattern, I think it really is the perfect purse. It has six large pockets on the outside, sturdy straps and a magnetic clasp. The interior is easy to customize with pockets any size. I like to add a cell phone pocket and pen slots to one side and a series of 2 1/2 in pockets on the other so there's lots of room for little purse things to be stored. This purse opens up wide so you can see what is inside and stands up to wear and tear well. The best part- you can throw the whole thing in the washer & drier if it gets dirty!
I'll be happy to make a six-pocket purse for you! Choose three fabrics and send me $45 and it's done!

My Crafty Things

I teach full time, I am a mama to two wonderful boys, I spend as much time as possible with my friends and family, but in this crazy life of mine I always find time to be crafty. Crafty things make me happy. I lose myself in crafty things and find the time flies by when I am planning projects and being creative. What I love most of all is giving my crafty things to other people. I decided to start a blog where I can post pictures of all my crafty things. if you like any of my crafty things, please feel free to use the ideas to make your own. If you are not a crafty person, please email me and maybe I will be able to make a crafty thing or two for you. I will try to post approximate prices with each crafty post in case you might want me to craft a few custom things up for you. Most of all, I hope you enjoy looking at these crafty things by me!